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MSCA Doctoral Network EGRET-AAA offering 3 fully-funded PhD positions in
Advanced Glaucoma Research in NL/DE

Glaucoma is the most common age-related neurodegenerative eye disease in
Western society and one of the four major eye diseases causing blindness.
Unfortunately, current treatments can only slow the deterioration but do
not halt or reverse the process. Despite the efforts of the early detection
and treatment of the disease, currently, approximately 15% of all glaucoma
patients in the EU still become bilaterally blind.

Our European MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE Doctoral Network (DN) EGRET-AAA *('**E*
*uropean **G**laucoma **RE**search **T**raining program for **A**ccelerating
the **A**pproach to **A**dvanced Glaucoma')* will focus specifically on
finding solutions for those patients suffering from advanced glaucoma. We
aim to bring revolutionary therapies for protecting and restoring vision in
patients with advanced glaucoma a significant step closer to clinical

Are you, like us, fascinated by the complex genetics, molecular mechanisms,
and pathobiology of the visual system, by retinal physiology or clinical
research with advanced techniques for retinal imaging and function testing,
or by visual neuroscience and brain-imaging? Do you consider it important
to help patients with advanced glaucoma? Do you have an inquisitive mind,
and are you looking for a PhD position embedded in an international
doctoral network in which you can develop your research, clinical, and
entrepreneurial skills? Then consider applying within EGRET-AAA! Currently,
three (out of the 15) 3-year Joint-Doctorate positions are still open.
- Project 8: Multimodal assessment of retinal function in end-stage
glaucoma @ OVGU <https://www.egret-aaa.eu/project-8-2/>
- Project 9: Multimodal imaging of retinal perfusion @ OVGU
- Project 11: Functional assessment in advanced glaucoma @ UMCG
The networkEGRET-AAA has brought together top European expertise and
resources in molecular biology, ophthalmology, visual neuroscience, and
technology from 15 European labs and companies in the field of vision
science and technology. An overview of the participating labs and their
projects can be found at www.egret-aaa.eu. This network has received
funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Doctoral Networks under
the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 101072435. Curious to see and
hear more about what it means to be part of a European Training Network?
Check out these two short movies about our previous ones NextGenVis
<https://youtu.be/ruBc20wxLjE> and EGRET+ <https://youtu.be/WPz3XLXgq6w>.

Employment conditions

PhD projects will start Autumn 2023, with some flexibility to negotiate the
exact starting date with the relevant supervisor. All recruiting partners
honor EU and national employment laws about researcher recruitment and
ensure that you will have the same rights, health, and safety standards as
local researchers.

A selected doctoral candidate will be employed with a full time employment
contract for three years. The contract includes salary, social security
coverage, pension and taxation. The salary will comply with the Marie
Curie-Skłodowska DN funding Scheme, local institutional regulations and
country-specific rules. It may comprise several components (living,
mobility, family, special needs, allowances) that, depending on the hosting
country, may either be included in the gross salary or provided as separate
allowances. The living allowance will be subject to a country correction
coefficient, according to the hosting country. Also depending on the
hosting country, specific tax rules and exemptions may apply. Therefore,
the exact salary will depend on the candidate, their host and hosting
The candidates we are looking for should:

   1. Have a deep interest in vision (complex genetics, molecular
   mechanisms, pathobiology of the visual system, retinal physiology, clinical
   research with advanced techniques for retinal imaging and function testing,
   visual neuroscience and brain imaging)
   2. Be passionate about doing research and have or be willing to develop
   the skills to communicate this passion with other scientists and the
   general public.
   3. Have relevant skills and experiences, and a strong interest in both
   theoretical and applied science.
   4. Welcome the opportunity to conduct research abroad and to work within
   an international and multidisciplinary team.
   5. Hold an MSc (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline (which can be,
   but is not limited to biology, biomedical engineering, genetics, medicine,
   neuroscience, (bio)physics).
   6. Be an eligible candidate according to the eligibility conditions
   indicated below.

Details on and the requirements for the specific projects can be found on
the research page on our website: www.egret-aaa.eu.

Eligibility conditions

EGRET-AAA is supported by a European MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE which requires
transnational mobility. Therefore, to be eligible for a PhD position, you
cannot have resided or carried out your main activity in the country of the
recruiting institution for more than 12 months during the previous 36
months. Furthermore, we can only recruit researchers who are not already in
the possession of a doctoral degree at the date of appointment. Please keep
this in mind when applying.

We invite both EU and non-EU citizens to apply.

By joining the EGRET-AAA network, you will become the pivotal, next
generation of experts who can advance the development of genetic and
stem-cell therapies and the associated technologies to target glaucoma. You
will gain a unique, well-balanced, and individually tailored portfolio of
skills and competencies, ensuring they will be ready to solve intersectoral
and interdisciplinary challenges in a range of environments in healthcare,
industry, and academia. On completing the network training (see above) you
will be ready to take up leading positions to benefit patients, health
care, industry, and science.

Kind regards,

Dilce Tanriverdi
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