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Agostino Gibaldi agibaldi at magicleap.com
Thu Jun 22 06:04:37 -04 2023

We are inviting applications for one fully funded PhD position (3 years) in
the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems
Engineering <https://dibris.unige.it/en>, at the University of Genoa (IT),
in collaboration with Magic Leap <https://www.magicleap.com/en-us/>.

The research theme focuses on realistic and comfortable experiences in
Augmented Reality (more info in the attached call for position). Interested
applicants are welcome to reach out for more information about the theme
and the position.

The official call can be found here: https://unige.it/dottorati-di-ricerca

You can apply from June 09 at 03.00 pm (italian time) to July 10 at 12.00
noon (italian time) at this page:


Agostino Gibaldi, PhD

Human Vision Scientist

Magic Leap

*New methods for realistic and comfortable *

*experiences in AR – University of Genoa*

*Curriculum: *Industry 4.0

*Hosting Institution: *University of Genoa

*Department: *Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics, and
Systems Engineering (DIBRIS)


Silvio P. Sabatini, Andrea Canessa, Gerrit Maus, Agostino Gibaldi


Optical see-through (OST) augmented reality head-mounted displays (HMD)
have emerged as a key asset in several application fields. In OST HMDs the
direct view of the world is mostly preserved and there is no perspective
conversion in viewpoint and field of view, as with video see-through (VST)
systems. This aspect confers a clear advantage over VST solutions,
particularly when used to interact with close objects. Although there have
been significant improvements to performance and comfort of OST HMDs,
limitations associated with human perception still remain to be addressed.
In order to provide the user with a realistic, natural and comfortable
visual experience, a thorough and accurate knowledge of eye characteristics
and HMD geometry must be assumed. These quantities are usually calibrated
on a per-device and per-user basis, or modeled from scientific literature.
A deviation of the actual values from the expected ones can result in
incorrect camera placement, spatial distortions and non-uniformities, thus
triggering discomfort in VR/AR.

The goal of this research project is to develop methods and techniques to
assess and mitigate discomfort and perceptual inconsistencies between real
and augmented visual content in OST HMDs. A joint experimental and modeling
approach will be followed in order to:

1.       investigate methods to evaluate different sources of

2.       develop subjective and objective methods to quantify the
originated discomfort;

3.       investigate strategies to mitigate the sources of
discomfort/mismatch in AR/VR devices.


Applicants are expected to: 1) have a keen interest in Vision Science and
in Augmented Reality, 2) have good programming skills in at least one
language (Matlab, C/C++, Python, C#), 3) work well in group problem solving
situations, 4) have intermediate communication skills (oral and written) in
English or better. Experience in Unity 3D is a plus.

*References: *

[1]     Konrad, R., Angelopoulos, A., & Wetzstein, G. (2020).
Gaze-contingent ocular parallax rendering for virtual reality. ACM
Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 39(2), 1-12

[2]     Lambooij, M. T., IJsselsteijn, W. A., & Heynderickx, I. (2007).
Visual discomfort in stereoscopic displays: a review. Stereoscopic Displays
and Virtual Reality Systems XIV, 6490, 183-195.

[3]    Gibaldi A., Liu Y., Kaspiris-Rousellis C., Mahadevan M., Vlaskamp
B.NS, Maus G.W. Vertical vergence and screen alignment with see-through
head-mounted displays. ECVP 2023.

*Company name and link (for industrial projects): *

Magic Leap Inc. (www.magicleap.com)

*Number of positions available: 1*

*Main Research Sites*

*1.* DIBRIS, via Opera Pia 13, 16145 Genoa, Italy, *2.* Macic Leap
Inc.,  Andreasstrasse
5, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland


Email: silvio.sabatini at unige.it,  gmaus at magicleap.com

*Funding Scheme:* This doctorate grant is co-funded by PNRR program DM-117
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