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Austin Roorda aroorda at berkeley.edu
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*Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities in Vision Science at UC Berkeley*

*Interested in high-resolution imaging, eye tracking and devising/applying
innovative new approaches for objective and subjective measures of retinal
structure and function?*

*Curious about human color and spatial vision?*

If yes, then consider joining our team at UC Berkeley
<https://www.berkeley.edu/>. We have immediate openings for one or more
postdocs. Examples of two specific research areas are listed below.

*Optoretinography (ORG):* This is an emerging field in which all-optical
methods are used to make non-invasive, objective measures of retinal
function. In Austin Roorda’s lab we have a novel approach
<https://opg.optica.org/boe/fulltext.cfm?uri=boe-13-11-5909&id=510143> for
ORG whereby we image and track the retinal with an Adaptive Optics Scanning
Light Ophthalmoscope (AOSLO), then use the eye tracking in real time to
actively guide and steer an OCT-based ORG probe on a targeted retinal
region. The system is technically complex but has the advantage that
incessant eye motion is corrected from the start, relieving the need for
extensive post-processing of the data, and enabling faster and more
sensitive ORG measures from smaller retinal regions. Currently we are using
the system to classify the three types of cone, but our ultimate goal is to
record from inner retina, with the potential to directly measure
photoreceptor-ganglion cell connections in a living human retina. Postdocs
on this project will need basic knowledge of OCT and experience designing
and building advanced ophthalmic instrumentation.

*Adaptive Optics Visual Psychophysics:* This is a collaborative, DoD-funded
project between Ren Ng
<https://www2.eecs.berkeley.edu/Faculty/Homepages/yirenng.html> (EECS), Austin
Roorda <http://roorda.vision.berkeley.edu/> (Vision Science), Will Tuten
<https://optometry.berkeley.edu/people/william-tuten-phd/> (Vision Science)
and others to develop and use adaptive optics scanning light displays
(AOSLD) to study properties of human spatial and color vision on a cellular
scale. Our AOSLD effectively bypasses the first stages of vision (image
formation, eye movements) and is capable of tracking and delivering
microdoses of light to individual cones
<https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.1600797> and, more recently, up
to thousands of cones in a living human eye at video rates. This platform
offers unique and unprecedented ways to study human spatial and color
vision with the possibility to extend color experience beyond the
traditional human gamut. With a multidisciplinary collaboration between
multiple labs at Berkeley and our collaborating institutions we hope to
expand the capabilities of these displays. This challenge requires major
efforts in optical design and engineering (multifocal, multiwavelength
adaptive optics) and computation (real-time tracking of lateral and
torsional eye movements, cone-by-cone video rendering). Postdocs on this
project will need experience in optical design and system construction,
ideally with experience in adaptive optics.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and whatever
other materials you feel appropriate to aroorda at berkeley.edu.

P.S. Don't hesitate to ask us about our track record of alumni from our
labs landing excellent jobs in academia and industry.

Austin Roorda, PhD,
Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry and Vision Science
UC Berkeley School of Optometry
Berkeley, CA 94720-2020
labpage: https://vision.berkeley.edu/roordalab
VS graduate program: https://vision.berkeley.edu
Center for Innovation in Vision and Optics https:// <http://goog_634377911>
civo.berkeley.edu  <https://civo.berkeley.edu>
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