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The Sensory Physiology group at OVGU Magdeburg, led by Prof. Kristine 
Krug, investigates, together with Senior Prof. Andrew Parker, the neural 
basis of perceptual decision-making in primates. Our international 
research group seeks to establish the direct contribution of neuronal 
signals and circuits to cognition in Rhesus monkeys and humans. Our 
methods include cellular neurophysiology, high-field magnetic resonance 
imaging (MRI) at 7T and cutting-edge brain stimulation methods.

*1) Postdoctoral Scientist (m/f/d) in cortical-subcortical network 


As part of the LOOPS priority programme funded by the DFG (German 
Research Foundation), we seek a postdoctoral scientist to investigate 
the role of thalamo-cortical circuits in computing and calibrating the 
organization of 3-D visual space. The project will investigate how 
signals from the pulvinar nuclei influence cortical perceptual 
processes, using high-density in vivo neurophysiological recordings and 
causal intervention methods, specifically focused transcranial 
ultrasound and chemogenetics.

Tasks of the postdoctoral scientist:

  * to test the role of pulvinar-cortical interactions in binocular
    visual processing, using dual recording in the pulvinar nuclei and
    visual cortical areas
  * to test the consequences of temporary, reversible inactivation of
    pulvinar sites using non-invasive exposure to transcranial
    ultrasound stimulation (tFUS) and chemical inactivation by DREADDs,
    guided by high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging
  * to collaborate within a multi-disciplinary team and across the LOOPS
    network throughout Germany
  * to take responsibility for research progress and research reporting,
    presentations at scientific meetings etc.
  * to contribute to the development of methodology, the conduct of
    animal experiments and the fostering of collaborations

*2) Postdoctoral Scientist (m/f/d) in primate neuroscience *


We seek a postdoctoral scientist to investigate dynamic neuronal 
interactions that shape the perception of three-dimensional objects in 
space, within and across cortical columns in visual and parietal cortex. 
The project involves high-dimensional, multi-site neurophysiological 
recordings and optogenetic stimulation in Rhesus monkeys to determine 
the neural codes for perceiving and making decisions about naturalistic, 
dynamically changing visual objects and scenes. Simultaneous MRI and 
neurophysiology allow the comparison of coding principles between 
monkeys and humans.

Main responsibilities:

  * to investigate the neural basis of perceptual decision-making using
    simultaneous, high-dimensional neurophysiological recording in two
    or more cortical areas
  * to determine the direct contribution of specific circuit elements to
    perceptual decisions through optogenetic and electrical stimulation
  * to compare perceptual coding between human and non-human species
    using high-field MRI
  * to collaborate within a multi-disciplinary team and taking
    responsibility for research progress and research reporting,
    presentations at scientific meetings etc.
  * to contribute to the development of methodology, the conduct of
    animal experiments in the laboratory and the fostering of
    international collaborations
  * to contribute to teaching advanced neuroscience students (4 semester
    hours per week; mentoring will be provided)


*Requirements for the positions:*

  * a PhD in neuroscience, medicine, or another natural science and a
    strong quantitative background
  * experience with at least on of the following: mammalian
    neurophysiology,  optogenetics, chemogenetics, behaviour, or MRI, in
    particular with non-human primates
  * experience in computational modelling or programming, e.g. with
    MATLAB or Python, and in statistical methods
  * excellent language skills in English (German language skills are
    welcome but not essential)
  * confidence and motivation to develop methodology/data analysis
    techniques and drive research projects forward

These are fixed term posts, initially for three years, but can be 
potentially extended. If you have questions about the advertised 
position, please contact Prof. Kristine Krug (kristine.krug(at)ovgu.de 
or 0391 67 55067) or Prof. Andrew Parker (andrew.parker(at)ovgu.de). For 
further information about the research group, please see www.lisp.ovgu.de.

The Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, with its associated 
institutes, has an internationally renowned scientific profile in 
Neuroscience. Magdeburg is a vibrant and multidisciplinary scientific 
environment offering a broad range of opportunities for cutting-edge 
neuroscience research, including high-field, high-resolution MRI (7T) 
and state-of-the-art facilities for research with non-human primates.

Otto von Guericke University is a signatory of the German Diversity 
Charter. We welcome your application, regardless of gender, cultural and 
social background, age or sexual orientation. Applications from severely 
disabled people or people with an equivalent impairment will be given 
priority in the case of equal suitability, ability and professional 
expertise. The Otto von Guericke University strongly promotes gender 
equality in all professional areas.

Please send your complete application (cover letter, statement of 
research experience, curriculum vitae, names of two referees) by 20 July 
2023 (date of receipt of application) using the online application 
portal (follow the links above).

Prof Kristine Krug  MA DPhil FRSB
Heisenberg-Professorin, Lehrstuhl in Sensorischer Physiologie
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität & Leibniz-Institut für Neurobiologie, Magdeburg, Deutschland

Visiting Professor of Neuroscience, DPAG, Oxford University, UK

Institut für Biologie
Leipziger Strasse 44 / Haus 91
39120 Magdeburg

phone +49 391 67 55067
emailkristine.krug at ovgu.de
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