[visionlist] New and updated materials on the PURSUE website (pursueerp.com)!

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*New and updated materials on the PURSUE <http://pursueerp.com/> website
(pursueerp.com <http://pursueerp.com/>)!*

Preparing Undergraduates in STEM Using Electrophysiology (PURSUE) is happy
to announce that we have released new and updated material on our website –
pursueerp.com. Additionally, keep an eye out as we hope to release full
course materials at the end of the summer or early fall 2023!

New materials include the CORE experiments that have been reproduced in
Opensesame, an interactive simulation on ERP averaging, and video tutorials
to facilitate learning pre-processing of ERP data in Matlab using
EEGlab/ERPlab. Additionally, we have updated the Sample Data Sets to
improve the quality of the data provided along with additional ERP
components and individual difference measures. Additional details below.

*CORE experiments in Opensesame stimulus presentation software*

Five of the CORE experimental paradigms (Face Perception, Passive Auditory
Oddball, Active Visual Oddball, Word Pair Judgement, and Flanker Task,
Kappenman et al., 2021) have been reproduced in Opensesame stimulus
presentation software. These tasks elicit 6 ERP components (N170, MMN,
P300, N400, LRP, and ERN). Opensesame is an opensource stimulus
presentation software that can be utilized with a number of different
EEG/ERP systems. The experiments include code for sending triggers with
Psychopy, Windows dll, and Brainvision.

*New and updated Sample Data Sets*

New Updated Sample Data Sets include raw EEG files and averages for 20
participants for 4 components, P300, N400, MMN and N2pc along with data
from 10+ individual differences measures. Individual differences include
demographics (e.g. gender, SES) and clinical inventories (e.g. Beck
Depression/Anxiety inventories). Data have been curated so that students
can find significant differences and correlations between some of the
measures. Additional updates in the new sample dataset include more
participants with “cleaner” raw EEG that can be analyzed using simple
artifact detection and rejection techniques and notebooks for each
component that provide additional information on data quality.

*Video Tutorials for Pre-processing ERP data*

This series of video tutorials as designed to be paired with the Lab
Training Modules or used on their own. Each video provides a brief overview
of the pre-processing step (e.g. why we do it, what it is doing) followed
by a step-by-step walk through of how to do the step in EEGlab/ERPlab.

*Averaging Interactive Simulation*

This interactive simulation demonstrates how averaging affects the ERP
signal-to-noise ratio. The simulations shows the continuous EEG in response
to stimuli during a visual oddball task while simultaneously showing a
single trial of the ERP in response to stimuli as well as a building
average of all ERP trials. The simulation allows you to pause, go back, or
move forward in time.

Click here to check it out now!! PURSUE <http://pursueerp.com/> website
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