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Anton Arkhipov antona at alleninstitute.org
Sun Jul 23 21:41:43 -04 2023

Dear Colleagues,

Applications are now accepted for the Allen Institute's OpenScope program. Please apply!

The OpenScope program, supported by the NIH BRAIN grant U24NS113646, provides the neuroscience community access to the Allen Brain Observatories. The program was inspired by astronomical observatories, which allow a community of scientists to access platforms too large or expensive for most laboratories. Through OpenScope, anyone can propose experiments for Allen Institute staff to run on Allen Institute pipelines.

If selected, the proposed experiments are performed with the Allen Institute's verified, reproducible, and open protocols for cutting-edge behavioral training, in vivo Neuropixels electrophysiology, or two-photon calcium imaging. Data produced from the experiments is then shared with applicants, and, eventually, the broader community.

How to apply?
The program uses a double-blinded proposal review. Individuals or teams draft and submit a proposal, with an applicant commitment to perform data analysis and pursue publication.

  *   RFP released July 10, 2023
  *   2pg Letter of Intent Due: September 12th 2023
  *   6pg Full Proposal Due: November 7th 2023
  *   For more details: https://alleninstitute.org/division/mindscope/openscope/
  *   If any questions or to discuss projects, please reach out to openscope at alleninstitute.org<mailto:openscope at alleninstitute.org>

New for 2023: Community Proposal
Research Questions and Experimental Methods are proposed and voted on by the community in an open, collaborative process. The resulting data is immediately available to the community for anyone to analyze and publish.

  *   Posted on Allen Brain Map Community Forum: https://community.brain-map.org/
  *   Opportunity announced in June 2023
  *   Research Question Phase: June-July 2023
  *   Methods & Analysis Phase: July-September 2023
  *   Final Vote by the community in November 2023 during SFN

Best wishes,


Anton Arkhipov
Allen Institute, Seattle, WA

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