[visionlist] Free Matlab-based educational Apps for understanding visual optics

Daoud Iskander robert.iskander at pwr.edu.pl
Wed Aug 16 04:55:02 -04 2023

Dear All,
I've had the opportunity to write simple Matlab-based free educational Apps
for understanding visual optics that can be used, in real-time, in

The first one deals with wavefront aberrations and their effect on retinal
image quality. You can download it for from:


To run it:

1. Open eye_aberrations_app.mlapp (this may take some time to open on some

2. Click „Run” in MATLAB Designer

The App has many Tool_Tip_Strings to guide you through and point you to
relevant published sources. Just point to a slider, push-button or another
App element to activate this feature.

Stay tuned :-). The second App (to be released this year) will deal with
the through-focus OTF and the way to estimate the DoF.

Best wishes

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