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Stockman, Andrew a.stockman at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Aug 23 05:30:24 -04 2023

We have just published a paper in Color Research & Application in which we define the LMS cone absorbance spectra, macular and lens pigment optical densities and thus the LMS cone spectral sensitivities as continuous functions of wavelength from 360 to 850 nm (Stockman & Rider, 2023, Color Research and Application). (The paper is open access and can be found here<https://doi.org/10.1002/col.22879>.) These continuous functions reproduce the tabulated, discrete CIE2006 cone spectral sensitivities with negligible error, but also allow the easy generation of individual cone spectral sensitivities with different spectral shifts (due to polymorphic or hybrid photopigments) and with different macular and lens optical densities and photopigment densities. Thus, cone spectral sensitivities can be generated for trichromats, anomalous trichromats (with selected LM hybrid photopigments), dichromats and monochromats that can cover the range of individual differences likely to be found in the population.
To facilitate these calculations, we have written a program in Python that generates the linear or logarithmic L-, M- and S-cone spectral sensitivities as a graphical output or as an Excel file. The program interface allows the selection of L- and M-cone spectral shifts (specified in nm or by hybrid photopigment type), macular and lens optical densities and photopigment optical densities. Standard 2° or 10° functions can also be chosen.
We have placed the software code and instructions on GitHub at: https://github.com/CVRL-IoO/Individual-CMFs.git.  Our intention is to make the code available for others to improve and modify, and to incorporate in their own software. Use at your own risk. There may be bugs. Please let us know when you find them!
Andrew Stockman and Andy Rider
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8266884

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