[visionlist] 3 full time research positions in Jena (Germany) funded by the VolkswagenStiftung

Rouwen Canal Bruland rouwen.canal.bruland at uni-jena.de
Fri Sep 1 02:59:40 -04 2023

Dear friends and colleagues,

Please find attached three job openings (all full time) in my lab at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany.

I am looking for researchers with diverse backgrounds that would like to become part of an interdisciplinary team and play a vital role in ensuring the success of a Momentum project funded by the VolkswagenStiftung. The project aims at establishing a new paradigm in Virtual Reality (VR) to uncover the social dynamics and anticipatory processes in real-time interactions. For a very brief description of the project, see https://portal.volkswagenstiftung.de/search/projectDetails.do?siteLanguage=en&ref=9C251.

Please note the different job profiles and necessary backgrounds coming with each position:

  *   Vacancy ID: 279/2023 (Postdoc, 1.0 fte, for 4 years): Ph.D. in in psychology, cognitive science, social cognitive neuroscience, social cognition or in a related field
  *   Vacancy ID: 280/2023 (Postdoc, 1.0 fte, for 3 years): Ph.D. in human movement science, biomechanics or in a related field
  *   Vacancy ID: 281/2023 (Computer scientist/ Game developer, 1.0 fte, for 2 years): preferably M.Sc. degree (or equivalent) in computer science, game development or in a related field

For more information about the positions, please check the attached job advertisements or get in contact with me.

I'd truly appreciate if you advertised the jobs within your departments and/or institutes, social media etc. and forwarded the adverts to any potentially interested candidates.

The application deadline is November 15, 2023.

Best wishes and thanks a lot for your support!

Prof. Dr. Rouwen Cañal Bruland

Professor for the Psychology of Human Movement and Sport
Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Institute of Sport Science, Seidelstraße 20, 07749 Jena, Germany

Visiting Professor of Human Movement Science
Loughborough University, School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, Leicetershire LE11 3TU, UK

Phone: +49 (0)3641 945691
Email: rouwen.canal.bruland at uni-jena.de<mailto:rouwen.canal.bruland at uni-jena.de>

Google Scholar<https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=H_yrQLUAAAAJ&hl=de>

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