[visionlist] Live free 'AIDA AI Excellence e-Lecture' by Prof. Ioannis Pitas: "AI, Large Language Models and University Education", September 12th, 2023 17.00 pm CEST

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Mon Sep 11 02:58:29 -04 2023

Dear AI scientist/engineer/student/enthusiast,


Professor Ioannis Pitas will deliver the e-lecture: "AI, Large Language Models and University Education" on September 12th, 2023 17.00 pm CEST.

He is IEEE fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, EURASIP fellow, Chair of the International AI Doctoral Academy ( <https://www.i-aida.org/> AIDA), and Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Information Analysis ( <https://aiia.csd.auth.gr/> AIIA) Lab, 

Of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.


See details in:  <https://www.i-aida.org/events/ai-large-language-models-and-university-education/> https://www.i-aida.org/events/ai-large-language-models-and-university-education/

Location: The seminar will be delivered online via zoom:

 <https://authgr.zoom.us/j/95289304527?pwd=ODFEMS9xQWtrNWw1UnExbVozL2NGdz09> https://authgr.zoom.us/j/95289304527?pwd=ODFEMS9xQWtrNWw1UnExbVozL2NGdz09

Meeting ID: 952 8930 4527
Passcode: 285410

The  <http://www.i-aida.org/> International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA), a joint initiative of the European R&D projects  <https://ai4media.eu/> AI4Media,  <https://www.elise-ai.eu/> ELISE,  <https://www.humane-ai.eu/> Humane AI Net,  <https://tailor-network.eu/> TAILOR,  <https://www.vision4ai.eu/> VISION, is very pleased to offer you top quality scientific lectures 

in the framework of  <https://www.i-aida.org/event_cat/ai-lectures/> AIDA AI Excellence Lecture Series  on several current hot AI topics. Lectures will be offered alternatingly by:

*	Top highly-cited senior AI scientists internationally or
*	Young AI scientists with promise of excellence (AI sprint lectures)


These lectures are disseminated through multiple channels and email lists (we apologize if you received it through various channels). 

If you want to stay informed on future lectures, you can register in the email lists  <https://lists.auth.gr/sympa/info/aida> AIDA email list and  <https://lists.auth.gr/sympa/info/cvml> CVML email list.

Best regards

Profs. N. Sebe, M. Chetouani, P. Flach, B. O’Sullivan, I. Pitas, , J. Stefanowski

AIDA AI Excellence Lecture Series committee members

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