[visionlist] OVS Special Issue: Advances in Vision Impairment Research

Susana Chung s.chung at berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 5 07:43:26 -04 2023

Optometry & Vision Science Special Issue: Advances in Vision Impairment Research
Optometry & Vision Science (OVS) plans a Special Issue to provide a showcase for latest discoveries related to low vision (or vision impairment) research to inform clinicians, researchers, industrial partners, patients, policy makers and other stakeholders about the latest research and advances, and to promote and inspire additional thinking on this topic.  OVS invites original articles and review papers that highlight research and clinical advances, including, but not limited to:
·       low vision rehabilitation services

·       new technologies in improving vision (for patients with visual impairment), e.g., prisms and novel optical corrections, digital image enhancement

·       visual perception, including object and scene recognition, and other higher-level vision

·       development of new assistive technology and its application in relation to indoor/outdoor navigation, reading etc.

·       application of artificial intelligence for low vision

·       accessibility in low vision

·       reading, mobility, or driving with low vision

·       prosthetic vision or ultra-low vision

·       retinal/brain imaging studies related to low vision

·       epidemiology and quality of life assessment, including patient reported outcome measures in low vision

·       multisensory research in relation to low vision (e.g. interaction between auditory and vision, or tactile and vision)
Submission window: October 5th 2023 to January 5th 2024; publication date: mid 2024
Please prepare submissions according to the Instructions for Authors: https://edmgr.ovid.com/ovs/accounts/ifauth.htm and submit them online at https://w <http://www.editorialmanager.com/ovs/default2.aspx>ww.editori <http://www.editorialmanager.com/ovs/default2.aspx>almanager.com/ovs/default2.aspx <http://www.editorialmanager.com/ovs/default2.aspx> noting that your paper is being submitted for consideration of this Feature Issue.
Contact the Editorial Office (ovs at osu.edu) or Editor-in-Chief (d.elliott1 at bradford.ac.uk) with any questions.
For details, please refer to the attached PDF file.

Guest Editorial Team:
Susana Chung (Special Issue Lead Editor), Ava Bittner, Gordon Legge, Keziah Latham, Ruth van Nispen, Shahina Pardhan, Walter Wittich

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