[visionlist] AI4Media event: Watch online a Debate on AI & Societal Impact, featuring Yoshua Bengio, Geoff Hinton, Gary Marcus and many more renowned researchers! (part of the ELLIS, AI4Media, and AIDA Symposium on Large Language and Foundation Modes)

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Dear all,

The ELLIS Society <https://ellis.eu/>, AIDA <https://www.i-aida.org/>, and
AI4Media <https://www.ai4media.eu/> are organizing the *first AI symposium
on LLM/Foundation Models* focusing on cross-discipline interaction *on
17-18 October, 2023 in Amsterdam*, the Netherlands. Information is
available at https://sites.google.com/view/ellisfms2023.

One of the symposium's highlights will be a *debate on how to balance the
development of AI with its societal impact*. The discussion will feature as
debaters* world renowned AI researchers including Yoshua Bengio, Geoff
Hinton, Gary Marcus *and many more. Information about the debate questions,
debaters, and debate format is available at

We kindly invite you to *watch the livestream on YouTube* on October 18th,
15:40-16:40 CEST at  https://www.youtube.com/@ELLIS2023-fms.

Some of the interesting questions to be debated include:

   1. Should we continue advancing Foundation Models or suspend their
   2. Do LLMs understand language and can they be made reliable?
   3. Should we regulate AI applications or AI corporations?
   4. Are "Openly Licensed" models or efficient fine-tuning approaches
   sufficient to democratise AI?
   5. Can models be controlled or guardrails incorporated in their training?

On behalf of the AI4Media project
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