[visionlist] Invitation to the 3rd NAVER LABS Europe International Workshop on AI for Robotics

Martin Humenberger humenbergerm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 11:02:42 -04 2023

Dear colleague,

I would like to draw your attention to the 3rd International Workshop on AI
for Robotics, organized by NAVER LABS Europe <https://europe.naverlabs.com/>

This two-day event will take place on Wednesday November 15th and Thursday
November 16th, 2023 at NAVER LABS Europe, in Grenoble - France (directions
here <https://europe.naverlabs.com/travel/>), as well as online via live

Researchers and experts from different disciplines of AI and Robotics will
share their current research, exchange insights and explore the future
directions of the field.

As we will provide live streaming, regardless of your location, you will be
an integral part of this event! It promises to be an exceptional gathering
and we believe that your participation in this workshop will greatly
contribute to its success.

You can register here

In order to make our workshop more interactive, we will organize an *on-site
poster session* and award *EUR 1000* to the best contribution. Each
presenter (arriving from outside the Grenoble area) of an accepted poster
will be *granted up to EUR 300* to cover travel expenses. Posters can
be submitted
Oct. 31st).

For more details on the workshop, including registration information and
the agenda, please visit our website


§  Sangok Seok, NAVER LABS

§  Sylvain Calinon, IDIAP Research Institute

§  Devendra S.Chaplot, Mistral AI

§  Martial Hebert, Carnegie Mellon University

§  Nicolas Obin, Sorbonne University - IRCAM

§  Jan Peters, Technische Universität Darmstadt

§  Cordelia Schmid, INRIA, Google

§  Laure Soulier, Sorbonne University - ISIR lab

§  Markus Wulfmeier, DeepMind

§  Oya Celiktutan, King's College London

§  Gül Varol, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

§  Davide Scaramuzza, University of Zurich

§  Hao Su, University of California, San Diego

§  Olivier Sigaud, Sorbonne University - ISIR lab

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do
not hesitate to reach out to us.

We thank you for considering our invitation, and we hope you can join us
this November.


Martin Humenberger, Gregory Rogez, Diane Larlus, Christian Wolf,
Jean-Michel Renders, Adrian Mos & Nicolas Guerin.

*About NAVER LABS: *

*NAVER LABS* <https://www.naverlabs.com/en/>* is the R&D subsidiary of **NAVER
Corporation* <https://www.navercorp.com/en>*, Korea’s leading internet
company and a global tech company with hundreds of millions of users

*The European branch, NAVER LABS Europe, is the biggest industrial AI
research center in France and its sister lab, **NAVER LABS Korea*
<https://naverlabs.com/en/>*, is a leading robotics research organization
with projects such as indoor and outdoor **mapping*
<https://www.naverlabs.com/en/m2>*, autonomous **service robots*
<https://www.naverlabs.com/en/rookie>*, the advanced robot manipulator *
*AMBIDEX* <https://www.naverlabs.com/en/ambidex>*, large-scale **digital
twin* <https://www.naverlabs.com/en/storyList?keyword=ALIKE&storySeq=>*,
and most importantly, **1784* <https://1784.navercorp.com/en/>*, Korea's
first robot friendly building where a fleet of 100 robots fulfil delivery
tasks to the employees. 1784 is not only NAVER's new headquarters, it also
serves as a testbed for future robotics solutions, all controlled by NAVER
LABS' own AI Robot Cloud, **ARC* <https://www.naverlabs.com/en/ARC>*.*
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