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1. Job description

The Department of Ophthalmology of the Radboud University Medical Center is
a global leader in the field of multifactorial and genetic retinal eye

We have a vacant position of *Junior lab Leader (senior researcher)-*
Electrophysiology of Retina.

Retina and Retinal Organoids We are seeking a highly motivated and talented
senior associate research (Junior lab Leader) to join our team in the
development of functional organoids and study physiology of the retina. The
successful candidate will have expertise in electrocardiography for
recording retina.

The research of the department is focused on retinal forms of blindness
that affect large numbers of patients, especially inherited retinal
diseases (IRDs) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Our aim is to
develop personalized treatment and prevention options using metabolomics,
natural history studies and genetic profiles combined with imaging
parameters, and artificial intelligence*.* Our ongoing research activities
include genome-wide associations studies, development of eye-on-a-chip
and patient-specific
stem cell-derived retinal in vitro models, complement assays, and antisense
oligonucleotide and CRISPR-cas9 technology.

Your research interacts with these activities and involves unraveling of
disease mechanisms in IRDs and AMD on a molecular level, finding leads for
disease interventions and prevention. Your research takes place in close
collaboration with our ophthalmologists as well as other scientist of the
Radboud University.

*2.      **Tasks and responsibilities *

-       Design and lead experiments to record electrophysiology with MEA
and patch clamp or/and calcium imaging signals from retinal organoids and
mouse retina.

-       Perform analysis of recorded data.

-       Collaborate with other team members to generate functional
organoids for retinal research.

-       Interpret data and communicate results effectively to the team and

-       Publish findings in peer-reviewed journals.

-       Assist in the mentoring and training of students and other team

-       Lead and expand a research group that is (inter)nationally


*3.      **Profile*

-          Ph.D. in relevant field (e.g., biology, bioengineering,
biomedical engineering).

-          Proven experience in electrocardiography (patch clamp,
multi-electrode array) , ideally in functional imaging, cell/tissue culture
or molecular biology is an advantage

-          Familiarity with the latest techniques in the biology

-          Background in statistics and data analysis

-          Programming experience in Python, Matlab, R or similar is ideal

-          Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

-          Ability to work independently and as part of a team and
supervise students.

-          Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

-          Track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

*Department of Ophthalmology*

The department of Ophthalmology has approximately 120 employees, holds 8
ophthalmic subspecialties, each at an academic level. Our main focus of
interest lies with the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases which
accounts for over half of the patient care provided by the department. Our
department is internationally renowned for its expertise on retinal
disease.  Examples are inherited retinal diseases, age-related macular
degeneration, diabetes mellites and vitreoretinal surgery.

Our scientific research lines matches the clinical focus and is directed at
retinal disorders. We have an enthusiastic team of researchers who
collaborate collaborating in several research lines. Our team includes 2
senior PI’s, 2 junior levels PI’s, one research fellow, 7 PhD students and
2 research technicians.

The department has a large clinical trial center that currently houses over
35 trials. The department's research and clinical trials often target
innovative treatment methods, such as gene therapy and RNA therapy.

Radboud university medical center is a university medical center for
patient care, scientific research, and education in Nijmegen. Radboud
university medical center strives to be at the forefront of shaping the
healthcare of the future. We do this in a person-centered and innovative
way, and in close collaboration with our network. We want to have *a
significant impact on healthcare*. We want to improve with each passing
day, continuously working towards better and more sustainable healthcare,
research, and education. And gaining a better understanding of how diseases
arise and how we can prevent, treat, and cure them, day in and day out.
This way, every patient always receives the best healthcare, now and in the
future. Because that is why we do what we do.

Read more about our strategy
<https://www.radboudumc.nl/werken-bij/wat-bieden-wij/arbeidsvoorwaarden> and
what working at Radboud university medical center
 means. Our colleagues <https://www.instagram.com/radboudumc/> would be
happy to tell you about it. *#weareradboudumc*

*Remarks and contact information *Prof. dr. B.J.  Klevering, Chairman of
department of Ophthalmology, jeroen.klevering at radboudumc.nl; PD Dr. Zohreh
Hosseinzadeh , Zohreh.Hosseinzadeh at radboudumc.nl

Please submit your CV, cover letter, and the contact information for two

 [HF1] <#_msoanchor_1>Jobs/HR has to add

PD Dr. Zohreh Hosseinzadeh

Group leader, Associate Professor, tenure track

Ophthalmology Department, Radbouumc

Email: Zohreh.Hosseinzadeh@ <Zohreh.Hosseinzadeh at radboudumc.nl>*radboudumc.nl
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