[visionlist] NeurIPS 2020 3D + texture garment reconstruction

Sergio Escalera sergio.escalera.guerrero at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 10:34:03 -04 2020

Dear colleague,

This is the 2nd round of call for participation in our NeurIPS 2020 3D +
texture garment reconstruction competition. Sorry for multiple copies.

We have some *interesting news* about the competition listed as below.


   We have updated the leaderboard with baseline results (see them in track
   1 <https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/24767#results> and track
   2 <https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/24768#results>). As
   expected, RGB-based garment reconstruction is much more challenging than
   3D-based. Our results show there is a lot of space for improvement
   specially on the learning of garment dynamics.

   We have 10 NeurIPS registration tickets applicable for the whole
   conference. We will assign them to the top-ranked participants to attend
   the conference without being worried about registration sold out.

   You can develop new ideas or train your already available code. Whether
   your method is a winner or not, you can still present your paper in the
   competition workshop (based on its novelty and interest, to also appear in
   post-Neurips competition proceedings) and gain visibility. More
   interestingly, we plan to write a joint paper with participants explaining
   and analyzing frontier methodologies in the field which we expect to have a
   great impact on the community due to the growing interest in the topic.

   Thanks to our sponsors, we have a total amount of $5K budget for prizes
   and one NVIDIA GPU for the best student method. Since the conference is
   held online, the prizes will reach directly to the participants.

Are you interested in such a great event? Still there is time to
participate and win the challenge. You can check the competition details on
our web page <http://chalearnlap.cvc.uab.es/challenge/40/description/>. The
feedback phase deadline is on Sep. 5th. The whole schedule can be seen here

Hope to see you soon in this great event!

NeurIPS 2020 ChaLearn organizing team

Meysam Madadi, Hugo Bertiche, Wafa Bouzouita, Isabelle Guyon, Sergio


*Dr. Sergio Escalera Guerrero*Head of Human Pose Recovery and Behavior
Analysis group / ICREA Academia / Project Manager at the Computer Vision
Vice-president of ChaLearn Challenges in Machine Learning, Berkeley
Full Professor at Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat Oberta de
Catalunya / Aalborg University /
Dalhousie University
Email: sergio.escalera.guerrero at gmail.com / Webpage:
http://www.sergioescalera.com/ <http://www.maia.ub.es/~sergio/>  / Phone:+34
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