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PERRINET Laurent laurent.perrinet at univ-amu.fr
Fri Feb 11 10:11:10 -04 2022

Dear community,

As of today, I have received N = 82 answers from the google form<https://forms.gle/hjzWVemM4Jy9cBbZ9> (out of them, 79 are valid) out of the 881 submitted abstracts. In short, the total score is simply the linear sum of the scores relatively weighted by the confidence levels (as stated in the email we received from the chairs) and the threshold is close to 6.05 this year:


More details in the notebook<https://github.com/laurentperrinet/2022-02-11_COSYNE-scoresheet/blob/main/2022-02-11_COSYNE-scoresheet.ipynb> (or directly in this post<https://laurentperrinet.github.io/sciblog/posts/2022-02-11-cosyne-reviewer-feedback.html>) which can also be forked here<https://github.com/laurentperrinet/2022-02-11_COSYNE-scoresheet> and interactively modified on binder<https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/laurentperrinet/2022-02-11_COSYNE-scoresheet/main?labpath=2022-02-11_COSYNE-scoresheet.ipynb>.



Laurent Perrinet - INT (UMR 7289) AMU/CNRS

On 4 Feb 2022, at 09:19, PERRINET Laurent <laurent.perrinet at univ-amu.fr<mailto:laurent.perrinet at univ-amu.fr>> wrote:

Dear community

COSYNE is a great conference which plays a pivotal role in our field. Raw numbers we were given are

* 881 submitted abstracts
* 215 independent reviewers
* 2639 reviews

If you have submitted an abstract (or several) you have recently received your scores.

I am not affiliated to COSYNE - yet I would like to contribute in some way and would like to ask one minute of your time to report the raw scores from your reviewers:


(Do one form per abstract.)

For this crowd-sourcing effort to have a most positive impact, I will share the results and summarize in a few lines them in one week time (11/02). The more numerous your feedbacks, the higher the precision of results!

Thanks in advance for your action,

PS: if any similar initiative already exists, I'll be more than willing to receive feedback

Laurent Perrinet - INT (UMR 7289) AMU/CNRS

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