[visionlist] [Meetings] Challenge on Surgical Action Triplet Recognition (CholecTriplet2022) - Call for Participation

Nicolas Padoy npadoy at unistra.fr
Thu Apr 7 16:56:42 -04 2022

We are excited to announce the CholecTriplet2022 challenge, a surgical 
action triplet detection challenge which is part of the Endoscopic 
Vision Grand challenge at MICCAI 2022. In this edition, participants are 
tasked with recognizing and localizing tool-tissue interactions, 
represented as triplets of /<instrument, verb, target>/, from 
laparoscopic videos. Participants will compete to train models using 
only frame-level annotations to predict the triplets present in a given 
image and localize the instrument used to carry out the action.

This challenge is in line with recent efforts in the computer vision and 
deep learning community, which have begun to transition from 
coarse-grained tasks such as action and activity recognition to 
finer-grained tasks such as /Human-Object Interaction (HOI)/. 
Formalizing surgical activities using triplets and localizing them 
represents a step toward comprehensive fine-grained modeling in the 
surgical domain, and can facilitate the development of intra-operative 
decision support systems in the operating room (OR). CholecTriplet2022 
offers participants the opportunity to explore these research areas, 
engage with the community, compete, collaborate, and push the boundaries 
of surgical scene understanding.

This challenge will provide access to the /CholecT50/ dataset, a dataset 
of 50 surgical videos which has been annotated by clinicians with 100 
action triplet classes. A baseline study [1] 
<https://arxiv.org/abs/2007.05405> providesadditional background about 
the task and dataset.The teams with the best results will be rewarded 
with prizes. We also plan a joint publication with top participants 
after the challenge.

To register for the challenge and for more information, please visit the 
challenge website:


Please feel free to contact us at the email below should you have any 
questions. We look forward to your participation!

Best regards,

The CholecTriplet2022 Organizers.

Aditya Murali, Chinedu Nwoye, Saurav Sharma, Tong Yu, Armine 
Vardazaryan, Deepak Alapatt, Nicolas Padoy

✉Contact us: _cholectriplet2022-support at icube.unistra.fr_

[1]Nwoye, C. I., Yu, T., Gonzalez, C., Seeliger, B., Mascagni, P., 
Mutter, D., ... & Padoy, N. (2022). Rendezvous: attention mechanisms for 
the recognition of surgical action triplets in endoscopic videos. 
Medical Image Analysis, 102433. <https://arxiv.org/abs/2109.03223>

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