[visionlist] Special Issue of Visual Cognition: Teaching S&P - Abstracts due Aug. 15.

Benjamin Balas bjbalas at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 12:17:08 -04 2022

 *Visual Cognition* is pleased to announce a call for papers for a Special
Issue focused on Teaching Sensation & Perception.

Many of us who conduct research examining visual cognition also spend a
substantial fraction of our professional life teaching. In particular,
teaching Sensation & Perception is a common assignment for many perception
scientists. Approaches to teaching this material vary widely, including the
use of various demonstrations of key phenomena, the inclusion of historical
notes that describe the development of core concepts, personal anecdotes,
and a wide range of assessment strategies. In this Special Issue, we are
looking to hear from authors about their approach to this material, with a
particular emphasis on sharing unique ideas about how to provide effective
instruction in Sensation & Perception classes while also increasing student
engagement with the topic.

We take a broad view of Sensation & Perception and will be happy to include
submissions that describe instructional strategies for course material in
other sensory modalities (e.g. Auditory perception, Olfaction, etc.). To
reflect the broad approaches to teaching that contributors may use, we
welcome submissions about the following topics:

   - Descriptions of successful (or unsuccessful) demonstrations of key
   - Historical notes about the field that are relevant to pedagogy.
   - Assessment strategies
   - Novel course structures, including strategies for online and/or
   asynchronous delivery of course content.
   - Presentation of laboratory-based course components.
   - Reports describing research into the effectiveness of specific
   instructional strategies.
   - Descriptions of databases/repositories for S&P instructional materials.

 Authors with questions about the appropriateness of a topic for this
Special Issue should contact the Guest Editors, Dr. Anna Kosovicheva (
a.kosovicheva at utoronto.ca), Dr. Julia Strand (jstrand at carleton.edu), and
Dr. Ben Balas (benjamin.balas at ndsu.edu) with their inquiries.

The deadline to submit abstracts for consideration is *August 15th, 2022*.
After reviewing abstract submissions, the Guest Editors will solicit full
manuscript submissions for peer review from a short list of authors.

Ben Balas, PhD
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND
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