[visionlist] Can AI Science be understood using only High School Mathematics? (free lecture material)

Ioanna Koroni ioannakoroni at csd.auth.gr
Tue Mar 28 06:48:16 -04 2023

Dear AI Professors, scientists, or enthusiasts,


as AI science permeates almost all scientific disciplines and societal functions, it is imperative that its concepts are well understood by every citizen.

Failure to do so can result in a technophobic 1/3-2/3 society, where few (let us say 1/3) know and profit out of AI, while the rest lag, fear and rightly feel discriminated.

Such a society is at risk of becoming unable to sustain knowledge growth and uptaking, with catastrophic results.


Therefore, it is our duty as AI scientists to contribute to the education of the entire society on AI matters, so that we have well (in)formed global citizens.

Of course, this is a massive undertaking at global level and is related to all education levels.

However, we have to start from somewhere. To me, the first question to be answered is the following one:


Can AI Science be taught at High School level using only the Mathematics of this level?


In my view, the answer is yes: most AI concepts (e.g., data clustering, classification) are very simple and fundamental.

I insist of merging AI education with Mathematics, as I strongly believe that only Mathematics can offer the much needed rigorous basis

for accurate and abstract thinking.


As I result, I tried to compile an 1-2 hour lecture on such AI topics, using only High School Mathematics, e.g., Geometry, Vectors, Algebra (matrices) and simple Calculus (functions).

You can find the related pdf in: https://icarus.csd.auth.gr/ai-science-and-high-school-mathematics-lecture/

More related lectures (in English) can be found in the course ‘AI Science and Engineering and its Impact on the Society’: 



Of course, similar efforts can be made to produce accurate and informative AI education at elementary school level.


Feel free to distribute the message to High School Professors that teach AI, Computer Science or Mathematics. They can use this 

material in their classes for free. I can hand them the related ppt to be translated in other languages on the promise that it will be

also uploaded in the above-mentioned page for further use by other schools.

This material cannot be used for free for profit-making activities.


If so desired, I can deliver this lecture personally to English-speaking students (if I have enough time, as I am overloaded these days).  


Sincerely yours

Ioannis Pitas

AIDA <https://www.i-aida.org/>  chair, pitas at csd.auth.gr <mailto:pitas at csd.auth.gr> 

AI Science and High School Mathematics Lecture

Abstract This lecture addresses the challenge to explain the AI science basics using only High school Mathematics. Luckily enough, it has been proven to be a successful and very interesting undertaking. The lecture covers the following topics in detail: definition of AI science, Data and Vectors, Clustering, Classification, Neural Networks, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Of course, the treatment would not be complete without reference to some subtle notions, e.g., knowledge and abstraction. Finally, the relation of AI science, society and the environment are overviewed.



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