[visionlist] Reminder Next Friday - Color Technical Group Webinar - Quality assessment for passive aids in color vision deficiency subjects - 16 June 2023 - 10:00 EST - 07:00 PST - 15:00 BST

Francisco Imai fimai at apple.com
Fri Jun 9 17:14:38 -04 2023

Dear Members of Color and Vision Communities,

The next webinar hosted by the Color Technical Group is going to address the controversial issue of quality and efficiency assessment of colored filters that claim to improve color vision for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) observers, a topic that was explored in the Optics Express feature issue “Aids for Color Vision Deficiency.” The presenters, Stephen Dain, Emily Patterson and Eva M. Valero will focus on three main aspects: 
1) how to build a metric that takes into account the naturalness and the efficiency of the aids while at the same time considering the need to include chromatic adaptation into the simulations used to predict the quality parameters and other aspects that could be taken into account for the quality evaluation;

2) which type of deficiency is more in need of any aid, and how to evaluate this need appropriately;

3) the results of the quality evaluation are quite dependent on the way they are tested, as shown by the different conclusions that can be reached for display-based evaluation and real scenes-based evaluation. 

This webinar will offer a unique chance to gather and exchange scientifically-based opinions on the use of colored filters to help CVD subjects, an issue that has clear social repercussions given the prevalence of CVD.

You can register at:


Hope to see you there!

-Francisco Imai

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