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British Journal of Psychology
<https://bpspsychub.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/20448295>: Call for
PapersThe Use of Artificial Intelligence in Psychological Research

Submission deadline: Tuesday, 31 October 2023

The aim of this special issue is to highlight the latest advances in the
use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods and technology in psychological
research. Rapid progress in AI over the past few years has resulted in the
use of powerful new methods and technologies to advance knowledge in the
field of psychology. AI-based tools have been incorporated into
psychological research in multiple ways, including through the development
of computational and machine learning models of human perception,
cognition, and behaviour; the use of virtual reality to study human
perception and action in complex environments; and the application of data
science to psychological data. More recently, highly intelligent systems,
such as ChatGPT, have raised issues about the types of intelligence
achievable by machines and the comparability of this intelligence to human
cognition. In the wake of these advances, partnerships between humans and
AI are being formed that raise important questions about the societal
implications of AI from a psychological perspective. The role of AI in
society and its psychological implications have never been more important
than they are now. Thus, to showcase the latest advances, we aim to bring
together researchers across different specialisms or sections of psychology
to provide multidisciplinary perspectives on these important issues.

We welcome articles and short reports of empirical studies, critical
reviews of the literature and theoretical contributions that aim to advance
our understanding of psychology through AI.

The special issue will discuss the topics included but not limited to:

   - Computational modelling of psychological phenomena
   - Machine learning/data science approaches to psychological data analysis
   - Using AI/technology to study mind and behaviour
   - Human-AI interaction and explainable AI from psychological perspectives


Janet Hsiao <jhsiao at hku.hk>
University of Hong Kong

Alice O’Toole
University of Texas at Dallas

Elliot Ludvig
University of Warwick

Keywords: Artificial intelligence; computational modelling; machine
learning; psychological data science; human-AI interaction; explainable AI

Submission Guidelines/Instructions

Please refer to the Author Guidelines
prepare your manuscript.

When you submit your manuscript, please select The Use of Artificial
Intelligence in Psychological Research in the special issue question so
that the editors will be timely reminded.

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